Steps to The Sitemap Creation and How To Do It

Pages with particular content that otherwise would not be advertised inside Google search results. (Learn about sitemaps) In simpler words a Sitemap is a complete list of the pages on your website. Submitting a Sitemap to Google helps to make sure that Google understands all of the pages that make up your website. This includes any URLs that otherwise would not be discovered with Google’s usual crawling methods. Learn how to build it here and for wordpress this might help you WordPress Sitemaps

In doing this you are also able to provide Google with any metadata pertaining to any specific or special content located on your website. This can include news, images, and videos. For example an image Sitemap entry is able to provide specific information regarding the image’s subject matter, type, and any current licenses. On top of those features you are also able to use the Google Sitemap to provide any sort of additional details or information relating to your website. This can include anything from the date your website was last updated and even how often you are expecting the website to change.

Google Sitemaps can be a crucial element in your business model. It can bring many new people to your website. This is a tool that works especially well for websites that have a very diverse selection of information. Usually Google search would only link to the main page of your site. However if you have many different topics listed you may want search results that lead only to those specific places on your site. A Sitemap allows just that. Instead of landing on the homepage the user will automatically land on the page they need to land on.

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Here is the link to Google sitemap generator

This is also very helpful for people who have just recently created a website and or your website is not very well linked throughout the internet. Google search uses different tools to monitor the internet and track the most influential and relevant links. The more a website is linked the higher it gets placed in search results. Therefore if your website is up and coming you will not be present across the internet which in turn means you will be excluded from a decent spot in Google search results. Providing a Sitemap allows Google to add you into the system and become a dominant force inside the search results.

As mentioned before, Google can’t guarantee that it will automatically find every single webpage out there. With so much on the internet it is a very hard task to achieve. That is why creating and submitting Sitemaps is a crucial SEO service to take on. It also makes it so Google is aware you are present and are more able to index your website in the future. As a whole your website and your business will greatly benefit from this process. You will see a change in where you show up inside Google search results.

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