Standard Monthly SEO

Standard SEO Monthly: An SEO specialist will supervise a routine monthly link-building program in addition to a basic site review to help improve the rankings of your key pages.

Standard Monthly SEO Includes:


a quick assessment of the SEO performance of your website to make sure best practices are being applied Two content-based link building packages per month, comprising outreach and content creation according to your package.


You can enhance your rankings and click-through rate by making up to ten optimized page titles and meta description changes. continuous oversight of your link-building efforts by a qualified SEO

What we guarantee

Well-written articles by seasoned American and Canadian authors

Manually checked links from well-known websites for quality

supervision by a qualified SEO

Links placed with assurance, or replaced for free

Simple-to-read monthly reports An example

Ideal for

Websites and small enterprises looking for affordable, efficient SEO

checking off the necessary SEO boxes in a dependable and economical manner

laying a strong foundation without incurring the expense of hiring an agency

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