Does Web Hosting Affect SEO Website Rankings & Serp Factors?

How Web Hosting Impact on SEO Rankings & Search Engine Factors

I am here to explain how web hosting can impact on (SEO) search ranking factors, does it factors if my website hosting on shared, VPS, dedicated etc. Let’s go through for details discussion.

I have been with SEO over few years now and I am here to help you guys how that might impact on SEO & ranking factors.


There are some issues which you need to keep in mind.

Website Server Location.
Server performance.
Server IP
Server Security & Speed.
Don’t consider shared hosting

Server location – if you are trying to increase your website ranking on Australia then my recommendations goes to select the server from that location, because that’s not a big matter but you have to consider this issue. For example: if your search term is bread oil Australia then results will show from local sites as priority.

Server performance – Well I think this is not need to explain in detail, a high performance Cheap web hosting can deliver the better website browsing experience. You need to consider some features like its uptime guarantee, upgrade facilities, support & other software support.

Server IP – I strongly suggest using the dedicated IP and making sure that IP stick with your website as long as you can for better and long lasting results, besides that changing your website IP frequently will not bring good results. Learn https issues here.

Server Security & Speed – Why server security is important for your SEO because if you don’t have a good secure server and website then it might possible to change any file, any damage on your website source or script which may leads to search engine ranking damage. So make sure you have a good secured server. Your web hosting server should need to manage a good speed even when the traffic spike. There is a good correlation between site speed and organic rankings. Better speed then you have better ranking. Use Google search console, There are a number of server and site configurations that can have a big impact on site speed. As Google gives priority on a faster loading website that mean this is a ranking factor.

Don’t allow shared hosting – I recommend saying goodbye to shared hosting which actually don’t follow any user facilities and even nothing get you back. Google doesn’t prefer websites that are hosted on a shared server as it is against the ethics of SEO. In addition, a lot of spammers are using shared hosting which will bring the damage rather than any results.

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