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I need my site to be in the top 10 on Google and other search engines. How can you help me?

Your site needs to be SEO optimized for those search engines. This is especially so for Google, since it is the one people use the most. When your clients do web searches, there are certain keywords they use the most to search for providers. If you know the right keywords that match the products and services your offer, your company’s site can rank 1st on any search engine. Therefore, your company will get more of the business from the people searching the web.

How long does doing SEO take?

The time it takes to complete an SEO project depends on the keywords and search terms for each particular site. The website’s present situation also influences how long it will take but on average an SEO project requires 2-7 months to complete. Although, no one can guarantee an exact length of time. Ethical work can make it happen but takes time.  However, Google will penalize your site penalize for unethical methods.

Is blackhat part of your strategy?

No way.

The techniques we use are ethical and will not get your site banned. Moreover, we take many precautions when we deal with your site to increase your rankings.

Guaranteed SEO Results

We guarantee results.

Do you work with paid links?

We don’t.  Our strategy is to achieve tangible results at the lowest costs possible. We offer optimized content that targets certain keywords, which is sure to boost your rankings naturally.

Can the things you do jeopardize the future rankings of my website?

Nothing that I do can jeopardize your website or web server’s security.  In my opinion, off-site optimization via link building poses only a slight theoretical risk. However, the chances your site will be penalized are very small.
If incoming links to your site could cause your site to be penalized, it would be very easy to decrease your competitor’s rankings.   I don’t mean it can’t be done, but it’s not easy.

I have limited investment resources. What are your charges?

Every situation and every business is different.  However, the main interest of the businesses I work with is high rankings.  So, if you that it is worth several hundred dollars for the potential to earn 5 – 7 figures yearly, you have come to the right place.

Is web development or web design part of your work?

I am not personally involved in web design and web development.  However, I can arrange help for you. Also, check Cheap SEO Packages and select the package that best suits your needs.